Henry Tingle Wilde

** Please note, This page does not include details of Henry's career, apart from where it mentions his time on Titanic.

Henry Tingle Wilde was born on 21st September 1872 at Highfield Road in Walton, Lancashire. He was the son of Henry and Elizabeth Wilde. (nee Tingle)

Henry was brother to Frederick Tingle Wilde and Ada E. Wilde. He had another sibling, a sister named Florence, but sadly she died in 1864 aged just four years old.

On 6th June 1872, Henry’s father died. He was just 34 years old and died from hepatitis three months before his baby son was born.

The following shows the family in the 1881 census


605 Rice Lane

Walton on the Hill. (District 11)



Birth place
Elizabeth Wilde Head, Widow 46 spirit Merchant Yorkshire
Frederick Wilde Son 11 Scholar Liverpool Lancashire
Ada Wilde Daur 10 Scholar Liverpool Lancashire
Harry Wilde son 9 Scholar Liverpool Lancashire
Amelia Whittington Visitor

On 3 August 1898, Henry married Mary Catherine Jones in the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel on Princes Road. Henry was living at 157 Rice Lane and Mary at 54 Grey Road.

In 1900 Mary gave birth to the couples first child, a girl named Jane Elizabeth Wilde.

In 1901, Mary and Jane are living at 32 Grey Road, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire. The following has been transcribed from the census return.


32 Grey Road,

Walton on the Hill


Mary C Wilde Wife 28 Liverpool Lancashire
Jane E Wilde Daur 3 months Liverpool Lancashire
Annie Jones S in law 34 Liverpool Lancashire

In 1904, Mary and Henry became parents for a second time when Henry Owen Wilde was born. He was followed two years later by George Arnold Wilde. In 1908 another child, Nancy Wilde was born.

On 19th November 1910 Mary gave birth to twin boys, Archie and Richard Wilde. Sadly the babies died soon after birth from Congenital Debility. Congenital debility means “Weakness from birth” so it seems that Henry and Mary’s babies were just too weak to survive.

The birth was difficult for Mary, She became extremely ill and died on Christmas Eve of 1910.

Mary died of Pyelitis of pregnancy, phlebitis pulmonary and pneumonia.

Pyelitis is an inflammation of the renal pelvis. This is the central part of the kidney where urine gathers before being released. Pyelitis is caused by bacterial infection.

Phlebitis is an inflammation of the wall of a vein. It can occur as a result of hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, or from prolonged immobility. It is extremely painful and in Mary’s case, it was “Phlebitis Pulmonary” which meant that she had an inflammation in the wall of a vein in her lungs.

Mary was also suffering from some type of pneumonia (the death certificate is difficult to read.) Having pneumonia while pregnant can be disastrous to both mother and babies. The enlarged uterus causes the diaphragm to elevate which in turn causes the thoracic cage to splay. This doesn’t cause any problems in a healthy woman, but if the lady has pneumonia, it can make it extremely difficult for her to clear secretions and so fluid gathers in the lungs.

There is evidence that indicates pregnant women suffering from pneumonia are more likely to deliver before 34 weeks of gestation. Also infants born to mothers with pneumonia are often born with a significantly lower birth weight than babies born to healthy mothers.

It is evident that Mary died a very painful and tragic death. Her husband was present when she died.

So not only did Henry have to go through the loss of his twin sons, and comfort his extremely ill wife through her grief too, he also lost the woman he loved just a few weeks later.

Mary was buried in Kirkdale Cemetery, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool.

In 1912, Henry sailed on the RMS Titanic as it’s chief officer. Not much is known of Henry on board the ship, the following is a few snippets of information I have found from various books:


Chief Officer Wilde didn’t plan to be on board either. He was regularly on the Olympic, but the white star line transferred him at the last minute for this one voyage. They thought his experience would be useful in breaking the new ship.


I Still don’t like this ship…I have a queer feeling about it.- Chief officer Wilde in a letter to his sister Ada which was posted at Queenstown.

TITANIC AND OTHER SHIPS Charles Lightoller 1935

‘….It was about this time that the Chief Officer came over from the starboard side and asked, did I know where the firearms were?…

…I told the chief officer, ‘yes, I know where they are. Come along and I’ll get them for you,’ and into the first officer’s cabin we went - the chief, Murdoch, the Captain and myself - where I hauled them out, still in their pristine newness and grease.

I was going out when the chief officer shoved one of the revolvers into my hands, with a handful of ammunition, and said, ‘Here you are, you may need it.’….’

In his book, Charles Lightoller also mentions how he was half standing in a lifeboat to help the women into it, Officer Wilde saw this and told Second Officer Lightoller to go with the boat…however the second mate refused."The last I remember seeing of Mr Wild[e] was quite a long time before the ship went down." - C.H Lightoller at the British Inquiry


Captain Smith Ordered Wilde to uncover the lifeboats (p 30)

“But the going was slow. Second officer Lightoller, in charge on the port side, believed in channels, and chief officer Wilde’s side seemed quite a bottleneck. When Lightoller asked permission to swing out, Wilde said ‘No, wait.’ Lightoller finally went to the bridge and got orders direct from Captain Smith. Now Lightoller asked Wilde if he could load up. Again Wilde said no; again Lightoller went to the bridge; again Captain Smith gave him the nod….”“About 1.40, chief Officer Wilde shouted, ‘Everyone on the starboard side to straighten her up!’He was active in the loading of collapsible lifeboat C, once full he shouted to ask who was in charge. Quarter master Rowe was instructed by Captain Smith to take charge of the boat.

Chief Officer Henry Tingle Wilde died in the sinking of the Titanic. His body was never found.

There is a inscription on the Wilde family memorial in Kirkdale Cemetery which reads:

'Capt Henry T Wilde RNR

Acting Chief Officer

Who Met His Death in the

SS Titanic Disaster

15th April 1912 aged 38 years.

One of Britain’s Heroes.

By Emma Skinner 16 March 2007

Family Information

Generation of Parents

1. HENRY WILDE (Henry’s father) was born 1838 in Ecclesfield Yorkshire. He died on 6th June 1872 aged 34 years in Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire.
2. Elizabeth Tingle (Henry’s mother) was born in 1835 in Loxley, Yorkshire. Elizabeth died in 1884 aged about 49.
Henry Wilde, aged about 22, married Elizabeth Tingle, aged about 25, in 1860 in Yorkshire. They had four children:
Florence Wilde in 1860
Fredrick Tingle Wilde in 1869
Ada Wilde in 1871
Henry Tingle Wilde in 1872

Generation of Peers

Florence Wilde was born in 1860 in Hulme, Yorkshire to
Henry Wilde and Elizabeth Tingle. She died in 1864 aged about 4 years old.

Frederick Tingle Wilde
was born in 1869 in
Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool Lancashire to Henry Wilde and Elizabeth Tingle. He died in 1901 aged about 32.
Frederick Tingle Wilde, aged about 26, married Jennie Barrow Caton, aged about 28, in 1895.

Ada Elizabeth Wilde was born in 1871 in Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool Lancashire to Henry Wilde and Elizabeth Tingle.
Ada Elizabeth Wilde, aged about 24 years, married Arthur Simmons Williams aged about 23 years, in 1895.

Henry Tingle Wilde
was born on 21st September 1872 in Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool Lancashire to Henry Wilde and Elizabeth Tingle. He died on 15th April 1912 aged 36.
Henry Tingle Wilde, aged about 26, married Mary Catherine Jones, aged about 25, in 1898. They had six children:

Jane Elizabeth Wilde in 1900
Henry Owen Wilde in 1904
George Arnold Wilde in 1906
Nancy Wilde in 1908
Archie Wilde in 1910
Richard Wilde in 1910

1835 - Birth of Elizabeth Tingle in Loxley, Yorkshire.
1838 - Birth of Henry Wilde in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.
1860 - Marriage of Henry Wilde and Elizabeth Tingle in Yorkshire.
1872 - Death of Henry Wilde in Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire.
         - Birth of Henry Tingle Wilde in Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool Lancashire.
1873 - Birth of Mary Catherine Jones in Liverpool, Lancashire
1884 - Death of Elizabeth Tingle (Wilde)
1895 - Marriage of Frederick Tingle Wilde and Jennie Barrow Caton.
1895 - Marriage of Ada Elizabeth Wilde and Arthur Simmons Williams.
1898 - Marriage of Henry Tingle Wilde and Mary Catherine Jones
1900 - Birth of Jane Elizabeth Wilde
1904 - Birth of Henry Owen Wilde
1906 - Birth of George Arnold Wilde
1908 - Birth of Nancy Wilde
1910 - Birth of Archie Wilde
         - Birth of Richard Wilde
         - Death of Archie Wilde
         - Death of Richard Wilde
         - Death of Mary Catherine Jones (Wilde)
1912 - Death of Henry Tingle Wilde on 15th April on Titanic

Extra Census information for Wilde Family
I believe that this could be Henry's mother in 1851 with her family.
Loxley House

Birth Place
Peter Tingle Head 58 Farmer, of 84 Acres Bradfield Yorkshire
Elizabeth Tingle Wife 57
Bradfield Yorkshire
Joseph Tingle Son 34 File Smith Bradfield Yorkshire
Joel Tingle Son 24 Farmers Son Bradfield Yorkshire
Elizabeth Tingle Daur 16
Bradfield Yorkshire
Thomas Morton Servant 19 Farm Servant Bradfield Yorkshire
Matilda Windle Servant 16 General Servant Bradfield Yorkshire
George Hartley Servant 12
Ecclesfield Yorkshire
This shows Henry's parents and sister in 1861
91 Duke Street,
Birth Place
Henry Wilde Head 23 Insurance Clerk Ecclesfield Yorkshire
Elizabeth Wilde Wife 26
Florence Wilde Daur 6 months
Hulme Lancashire
Henry's parents and siblings in 1871
Highfield Road
Birth Place
Henry Wilde head 33 Lawyer & Valuer[?] Ecclesfield Yorkshire
Elizabeth Wilde Wife 36
Loxley, Yorkshire
Frederick T Wilde Son 1
? Lancashire
Ada E Wilde daur 4 months
Walton Lancashire
Maria Hobals? Servant 18 Servant Domestic Liverpool Lancashire

Henry's brother Frederick in 1901

155 & 157 Rice Lane
Birth Place
Frederick Wilde Head 31 Licensed Victualer
Liverpool Lancashire
Jessie Wilde Wife 33
Liverpool Lancashire
Ethel Wilde Daughter 14
Liverpool Lancashire
** Who is Ethel Wilde? She appears on the census to be Frederick's daughter, however he would have been 18 years old at Ethel's birth. I have checked Fredericks wife in the 1891 census, and she doesnt have any children, so Ethel doesnt appear to be hers either..... If you can shed any light on this, please get in touch with me using the "Contact Us" form

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