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Thomson Beattie

Thomson Beattie was born on 25 November 1875 in Fergus, Wellington, Ontario Canada.
He was the son of John Beattie and Janet Wilson

Canada Births 1869 - 1907

When Born: twenty fifth November A.D 1875
Name: Thomson
Sex: M
Name and Surname of Father: John Beattie
Name and maiden surname of Mother: Janet Wilson
Rank or Profession of Father: Clerk C. of Wellington
Signature, description and residence of informant: John Beattie, County Clerk.
When registered: twenty fourth December a.d 1875

1881 Canadian Census
Census Place Fergus, Wellington Centre, Ontario

 Name  Marital Status Gender   Ethnic Origin Age  Birthplace  Occupation  Religion 
John Beattie   M Male  Scottish  59  Scotland  Banker   Presbyterian
 Jannet Beattie Female  Scottish  50  Scotland      Presbyterian
 Margret Beattie Female   Scottish 26   Ontario    Presbyterian
 Elizabeth Beattie  S  Female  Scottish  24  Ontario    Presbyterian
 James Beattie Male   Scottish 19   Ontario Accountant    Presbyterian
 Christiana Beattie  Female  Scottish  14  Ontario    Presbyterian
 Charles Beattie  S  Male  Scottish  12  Ontario    Presbyterian
 Frederick Beattie  S  Male  Scottish  10  Ontario    Presbyterian
 Thomson Beattie  S  Male  Scottish  5  Ontario    Presbyterian

Thomson Beattie was a successful real estate broker in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For ten years he had been a partner of Mayor Waugh, the firm in Waugh and Beattie being formed when the two completed their arrangements to take over the business of the Haslam Land company, with which, at the time, Thomson was connected with.

Thomson was a close friend of Hugo Ross, and the two often traveled abroad. They were very similar, both optimistic and positive about the future of Winnipeg and Western Canada. Their offices were both in the same building. According to the Manitoba Free Morning Press, by the time of their deaths, the two had become very close to one another and were almost inseparable.

On January 8 1912, Thomson, Thomas McCaffrey, Hugo Ross and the Fortune Family left Winnipeg by train. On 20 January, they were boarding a ship in New York and sailed for Europe on the Cunarder "Franconia"

The ship docked at Trieste, and from there they went along the Adriatic coast, through Greece and then into Egypt. Soon Thomson and his friends were ready to sail back to Canada. They cancelled their plans to sail on the Mauritania, and instead booked tickets on the new White Star Line steamer, Titanic.

Thomson shared a cabin on C Deck with Thomas McCaffrey (C-6). In a letter to his mother, Thomson wrote " We are changing ships and coming home in a new, unsinkable boat."

They boarded the Titanic in Southampton, They had been staying in London and caught the boat train down to Southampton on 10 April 1912.

During the voyage, Thomson’s friend Hugo Ross became ill, and his friend Thomas McCaffrey was very ill with dysentery and so he spent some time each day visiting the bedside of his friends.

On the night of the sinking, Major Arthur Peuchen recalled that he found Thomson Beattie, and other friends of his in the smoking room just after 11P.M when he entered. He commented that talk was "Unusually bright."

After the collision, Thomson met up with Major Peuchen and told him, "The order is for life belts and the boats." It is not known what happened to Thomson after this, but we do know that his body was found in collapsible lifeboat A; and so he must have made it to the boat deck and attempted to save himself. Probably he died of exposure to the cruel and bitter cold of the sea and air.

The boat drifted for hours until Officer Lowe found it. After transferring the survivors into boat 14, he then confirmed that the three men lying in the bottom of the boat were dead. One of those men was Thomson Beattie; the other two were members of crew.

Their faces were covered, and the boat was set adrift again.

Another steamer later discovered the Collapsible, They sent out some members of crew who gave the three men an honorable burial at sea.

Thomson is remembered on a memorial Plaque in a Winnipeg hospital. It reads:

"Erected by the people of Winnipeg in memory of Mark Fortune, John Hugo Ross, Thomson Beattie, Charles A. Fortune, George E. Graham, J.J Borebank. They with 1,484 others died when the S.S Titanic foundered in the mid-Atlantic, April 15 1912. They died that Women and Children may live."

In 1915, Mrs. John A Beattie and her son Allan were onboard the Lusitania. 18 year old Allan survived, but his mother perished in the tragedy. Mrs. Beattie was the wife of Thomson’s cousin.

Beattie Family Information

1. John beattie was born on 22 April 1821 in Migvy, Aberdeen, Scotland. He died on 21 March 1897 in Fergus, Wellington, Ontario and was burined in the Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus, Wellington.
He married Janet Wilson in 1850.
Janet was born in 18 May 1830 on board a ship. she was the daughter of Thomas Wilson and Margaret Stewart. She died on 12 May 1922 at 92 years of age.and was  buried on 15 May 1922 in Belsyde Cemetery beside her husband.
John Beattie and Janet WIlson had 11 Children
William 1851
Margaret 12 July 1854
Elizabeth 1857
Jeannie 1859
John Thomas 1860
James 12 Jan 1862
George 1864
Christina 5 Sep 1865
Charles 27 Feb 1868
Frederick 22 November 1869
Thomson 25 November 1875

William Beattie married Janet Blyth on 14 October 1879. At the time of Marriage, William was 28, He gave his occupation as "Farmer". Janet Blyth was 23 years old and was the daughter of Alexander W. Blyth and Janet McDonald. William died on 12 November 1904 of an embolism, he was 53 years old.

Margaret Beattie married Alexander Mills on 14 June 1882. Alexander was 24, and came from Fergus.  At the time of marriage, his occupation was "Flesher". He was the son of Matthew Mills and Jane Brown.

Elizabeth Beattie married Hugh Black on 7 April 1898. Hugh was 10 years her senior, being aged 51 when they married. He was a widower, and a Lumber Merchant. Born in Garafaxa, Fergus; He was the son of Ann Munro and David Black.

Jeannie Beattie married William Murray jr on 5 Jan 1881 in Belsyde, Fergus.. William was 25 years old when they married, he was a Merhcant and the son of William Murray and Janet Todd.
Jeannie gave birth to a baby boy on 26 Jan 1883, sadly he was stillborn. Happily, on 10 April 1888, Jeannie and William became parents to Janellee Evelyn Murray. They also had William Stewart Murray born on 30 December 1893 and Ada Marie Murray born on 17 November 1896.

John Thomas Beattie married Helen Jane Armstrong on 8 December 1886 in Toronto. They had 3 children that I know of: Reginald Andrew Beattie born 26 Jan 1889, John Charles Beattie born 23 July 1890 and Frank Beattie born 8 July 1895.

James Beattie married Helen Scott Stewart on 27 April 1892. She was born on 4 November 1868 in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, and was the daughter of Robert and Annie Stewart. Hames died on 27 January 1934 in Wellington. Helen died on 9 June 1938 in Wellington, Ontario.
Together they had three children; Doroty Stewart Beattie, born 13 April 1893, John Frederick McDonald Beattie born 8 May 1899 and Robert Athol Beattie born 16 February 1904

Christina Beattie married Robert Phillips on 8 June 1904 in Wellington, Ontario. Robert was 46, and Christina 36. Robert had been married before, but his wife died. He was a Druggist and was the son of Robert Phillips and Catherine Wilson. They became the parents of Helen Wilson Phillips on 22 April 1905.

Charles Beattie married Isabella Wilson.

Parents of John Beattie:

William Beattie was born on 1 Jan 1784 in Aberdeen, Scotland he died on 23 June 1861 in Fergus, Wellington, Ontario, Canada. He married Elizabeth McDonald on 22 February 1817.
Elizabeth was born circa 1784 and died in 1831 in Aberdeen, Scotland. They had three children together:

John Beattie (see above for details)
William Beattie 14 February 1823
Jane Beattie 20 May 1826.

After Elizabeth's death, William remarried to Ann Thomas. She was born circa 1798 in Aberdeen and died 17 December in Wellington, Ontario, Canada. They had one child together, George Beattie born in 1936

Children of William Beattie and Elizabeth McDonald:

John Beattie 22 April 1821 (see information above)

William Beattie 14 Feb 1823. died 21 April 1913. married Janet Rae. She was born 1847 in Scotland and died 12 October 1916 in Wellington, Ontario. They had three children, Elizabeth McDonald Beattie, Isabella Beattie born 1870, William Alexander Beattie born 31 Jan 1873.

Jane Beattie 20 May 1826 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. died 27 Feb 1900 in Eramosa, Ontario, Canada. She married William Mutrie on 18 Feb 1845. They had at least one child, a boy named James Mutrie who was born on 3 September 1851

Child of William Beattie and Ann Thomas.

George Beattie was born in 1836 and died 1913 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He married Jessie McBain. They had five children, Margaret Beattie, Christina Beattie, Jean Beattie, Jessie Beattie and William Beattie.

Parents of Janet Beattie nee Wilson

Thomas Wilson was born circa 1800 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. He died on 17 June 1894 and is buried in Belsyde Cemetery, Fergus, Wellington.

Margaret Wilson nee Stewart  was born in 1807 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. She died on 20 November 1878 and is buried with her husband.

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