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Mr. Mrs. and Master Spedden and staff

 Elizabeth Burns and Helen Wilson

Frederic Oakley Spedden was born on 9th January 1867 in New York City. His parents were Edgar and Susan Spedden (nee Douglas) He had one sibling, a sister named Blanche.

As a young man, Frederic was a teacher, and then a banker.

On 1st December 1897, he was an usher at the wedding of Pauline Dresser and the Rev. George Merril. of Tuxedo Park.

He married Margaretta Corning Stone on 6th June 1900 at the first presbyterian church in Morristown, New Jersey. Margaretta's only attendant was her sister.

The New York Times
7 June 1900

On June 3, at first Presbyterian Church, Morristown, N.J., by the Rev. Dr. McNaughton, Frederic Oakley Spedden and Margaretta Corning Stone, daughter of the late George F. Stone of Morristown, N.J

Margaretta Corning Stone had been born on 19th November 1871 and was the daughter of George and Margaretta Stone. Margaretta, or "Daisy" as she was known as, had two sibling, Hanson and Emma.

Mr. and Mrs. Spedden spent their married life in Tuxedo Park, New York. On 19th November 1905 Margaretta and Frederic became the parents of a baby boy, named Robert Douglas Spedden.

Frederic and Daisy loved to travel and did so extensively. A nursemaid was employed to help care for baby Robert, Miss Elizabeth Burns. 

In early 1912, the Speddens aswell as Miss Burns and Miss Wilson, (Mrs. Spedden's maid) left New York for Algeria.

To get home to New York, Frederic booked tickets on the Titanic. They travelled first class from Cherbourg. They were given cabins on E deck. Mr. and Mrs. Spedden occupied cabin E34, while Robert and his nurse had cabin E36. Miss Wilson had cabin E40.

On board the ship, Robert made friends with two year old Loraine Allison.

At the time of the collsion, the Speddens were in bed. Frederic went up on deck but could not see anything.After realizing it was serious, they rushed down to E-Deck to alert the others.

They made it up to C Deck where the assistant purser adjusted their lifebelts, and told Frederic to leave the blankets he had brought with him as they would get in the way.

All the members of the Spedden party managed to get a seat in lifeboat number 3.

Daisy remembered that in the lifeboat, a large woman sat near to her who would drink from a whiskey bottle and not offer any to anyone else.

When dawn broke, all around the boat were huge icebergs, glittering in the light. Robert awoke and exclaimed "Oh Muddie, look at the beautiful North Pole with no Santa Claus on it!" The little boy's sweet innocence in all that had happened brought a smile to the faces of those with him in the boat.

When lifeboat number 3 reached the Carpathia, the large woman made a leap forward, intending to get onto the ship first. Daisy, having been annoyed by this woman all night took great delight in grabbing the woman and pulling her back down. The Speddens boarded the Carpathia immaculately dressed.

On board the Carpathia, Frederic and Daisy spent their time helping the others.
They arrived in New York and were met by Frederic's sister They then returned to Tuxedo Park. The Speddens and their servants put in a claim against the White Star Line for their lost possessions.

The sinking of the Titanic did not alter the Speddens love of travel. In 1913 and 1914 they travelled abroad.

In 1913, Daisy wrote her son a story. It was all about the little boys toy bear, Polar and his adventures.

In 1915, tagedy struck them when nine year old Robert was hit by a car. He died a few days later on 8th August 1915. Frederic and Daisy were devastated at the loss of their beloved little boy.

The New York Times
9 August 1915

ROBERT DOUGLAS SPEDDEN, Son of Frederic O, and Mrs. Margaretta C. Stone Spedden of "Wee Wah Lodge," Tuxedo Park, N.Y, died yesterday at the family summer home at Winter Harbor, Maine.

Frederic and Daisy travelled frequently, often to Bermuda.

The picture belows shows Mrs. Spedden ice skating with little Mitsie Mitchell and her dog, in Tuxedo Park 1929. (Picture from the Decatur Evening Herald 10th January 1929)


Frederic Oakley Spedden died in Palm Beach Florda on 3rd February 1947.

Margaretta Corning Spedden died three years later on February 10th 1950

The New York Times
11 Feb 1950   

Mrs Frederic Spedden

TUXEDO PARK, N.Y, FEB 10 - Mrs. Margaretta C. Spedden died in her home here today after a brief illness. She was 78 years old. Mrs. Spedden was the widow of Frederic O. Spedden, who died two years ago. They had been prominent members of the Tuxedo COlony since 1906. Mr and Mrs Spedden and their son, an only child, were survivors of the Titanic sinking. Their son was killed a few years later by an automobile at their summer camp in Maine.

The New York Times
11 Feb 1950

SPEDDEN -Margaretta C., on Feb 10. at tuxedo Park, N.Y.. beloved sister of Emma D. Kemys. Funeral services on Monday, Feb. 13. 11 A.M..at St. Mary's Church, Tuxedo Park. Internment private.
To see more pictures, and to learn more about the Spedden family, please visit This excellent website -

Elizabeth Burns and Helen Wilson

Elizabeth Burns was born  15th December 1870, the daughter of Patrick Burns and Margaret Neary. Born in Newark, New Jersey.
After Roberts death, Elizabeth left the Spedden family and spent her life in New York. She died on 29th May 1921 and is buried in New Jersey.

Helen Alice Wilson, Daisy's maid had been born on 12th Februsary 1881.
After the sinking, Helen continued to be Mrs. Speddens maid. She later married Axel Rosenquist and had two daughters. Helen died on 1st December 1939 and is buried in Arlington Cemetery New Jersey.

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