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Elizabeth and Violet Mellinger

Elizabeth Ann Maidment was born on 6 January 1870 in Pimlico, London. She was the daughter of William and Sarah Maidment. She was the sister of Charles, Louisa, William, John, Emily,

Here they are in the 1871 census:

27 Pulford Street


St George Hanover Square


William Maidment, Head, Married, 40, Porter, Kuogh, Wiltshire

Sarah Maidment, Wife, Married, 36, Ashburton, Buckinghamshire

William Maidment, Son, 12, Aldersgate

Charles Maidment, Son, 10, Holloway, Middlesex

Louisa Maidment, Dau, 7, Hanover Square, Pimlico

Elizabeth Maidment, Dau, 1, Hanover Square, Pimlico

John Maidment, Son, 4, Lambeth

William Ulgate, Lodger, Unm, 18, Baker, Battersea, Surrey.

And here they are in 1881

95 Islip St

Kentish Town

St Pancras


William Maidment, Head, 50, Bainter[?], Knayel, Wiltshire

Sarah Maidment, Wife, 45, Ashendon, Bucks

John Maidment, Son, 14, Railway Clerk,

Elizabeth Maidment, Dau, 11, Scholar, Pimlico

Emily Maidment, Dau, 8, Scholar, Pimlico


William Maidment died in 1889

In 1891, Elizabeth is living in Essex with her mother and younger sister Emily.

40 Nielford Road



Sarah Maidment, Widow, 54, no occupation, Asheburton, Bucks

Lizzie Maidment, Daughter, 21, Dressmaker, Pimlico, London

Emily Maidment, Daughter, 18, Mantle Maker, Pimlico, London.


On 13th March 1895, Elizabeth married Claude Mellenger in Islington. They had four children together:

Eugenie, Alexander, Violet Madeline, (Violet had been born on 22 February 1899 in London and would later accompany her mother on the Titanic.) and Edmund.

In 1901, Elizabeth and her children were visiting her sister Emily, who was now married. Here they are as they appear in the Census

11 Nortoft Road



Samuel G Gurney, Head, 30, Bread Baker, Highgate

Emily Gurney, Wife, 27, Pimlico

Elvis[sic] M Gurney, Dau, 2, Bournemouth, Dorset

Elizabeth Mellinger, Visitor, 31, South Belgravia

Eugenie E Mellinger, Visitor, 5, Walthamstow

Alexanra[sic] F Mellinger, Visitor, 4, Walthamstow

Violet M Mellinger, Visitor, 2, Walthamstow

Reginald Mellinger, Visitor, 4 months, Walthamstow.


Claude Mellinger was still alive in 1901 and living in Walthamstow Essex, working as a clerk.

In April 1912, Elizabeth and her daughter Violet boarded the Titanic as second class passengers. Elizabeth had been given a job working for the Colgate family in Vermont. The manager of the Colgate Estate, Mr. Clarence Jones was travelling in First Class. He was the one who gave Elizabeth the job.

During the sinking Mr. Jones asked Elizabeth to tell his wife that he loved her, as he was sure he would never see her again.

Mother and daughter survived the sinking and were met in New York by the Colgate family’s chauffer.

The ships manifest for the Titanic survivors on 18 April 1912 shows that Elizabeth was a widow by 1912. However, I can not find a death registration for Claude. The manifest also shows that Elizabeth and Violet were travelling to Bennington, Vermont and Elizabeth was 5ft 6" with dark hair and brown eyes while thirteen year old Violet was 4ft 6" with dark hair and blue eyes.

Once at the Colgate masion in Vermont, Elizabeth and Violet were taken care of by Mrs. Colagte who bought them both new clothes. Sadly, however Elizabeth was greatly affected by the Titanic disaster and had damaged her hearing, and so her position a Colgate mansion did not go ahead and she and Violet returned to England.

Both Elizabeth and Violet later immigrated to Canada, where Violet later married Mr. David Mann on 1 October 1921 and became the mother of four sons.

Elizabeth immigrated to Canada in 1921. She arrived at Ellis Island in New York on 13 October 1921 on her way to Welland, Ontario. The ship they travelled on was the Olympic, sister ship of the Titanic. The manifest shows that Elizabeth's  nearest relative in England was her sister, Louisa Firth, living at Melford ROad in Walthamstow, Essex. Also travelling with Elizabeth was a one year old child by the name of RObert Cooper. He also had Elizabeth's sister listed as his nearest relative...who was RObert Cooper? They were travelling to Elizabeth daughter, Eugenie Mellinger who lived at 106 Shuter Street, Toronto. The manifest shows that Eugenie was the Step-sister of RObert Cooper...was he a child of Elizabeth? or was this a mistake on the manifest? his birth place is given as Nova Scotia, Canada...

Elizabeth Mellinger died on 4th January 1962 in Welland, Ontario. She is buried in St. Johns Ridgeway Cemetery, Welland.

Violet and her husband lived in Toronto, She died on 27th May 1976.


By Lilia Jane Sweet and Emma Skinner 9 February 2007

Family Information

1. William MAIDMENT b 1831 Knoyle, Wiltshire d 1899
+ Sarah// b 1836 Ashendon, Buckinghamshired after 1912
2. William MAIDMENT b 1859 Aldersgate, London
+ Emily// b 1857 Ellsho, Buckinghamshire
3. Ernest MAIDMENT b 1885 Camden, London
3. Frederick MAIDMENT b 1887 Camden, London
3. Ellen MAIDMENT b 1899, Walthamstow, Essex
2. Charles MAIDMENT b 1861 Holloway, Middlesex
+ May// b 1860 Huntingdonshire, England
3. Charles MAIDMENT b 1884 Holloway, London
3. William MAIDMENT b 1886 Holloway London
3. Louisa MAIDMENT b 1887 Kentish Town, London
3. Harold MAIDMENT b 1891 Walthamstow, Essex
3. Daisy MAIDMENT b 1892 Walthamstow Essex
2. Louisa MAIDMENT b 1864 Pimlico, Hanover Square
+ (1882)William Firth
2. John MAIDMENT b 1867 b Lambeth, London
2. Elizabeth MAIDMENT b 1870 Pimlico, Hanover Square
+ (1895) Claude Leonard Deschamps MELLINGER b 1874
3. Eugenie Emily MELLINGER b 1895 Essex
3. Alexander Leanard Deschamps MELLINGER b 1896 Essex
3. Violet Madeline MELLINGER b 1899 Essex
3. Edmund Reginald MELLINGER b 9 Dec 1900 Essex d 1992 Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
2. Emily MAIDMENT b 1873 Pimlico, Hanover Square
+ (1898) Samuel George GURNEY b 1871 Highgate
3. Elsie May GURNEY b 1899 Dorset


** Claude Leonard Deschamps Mellinger was born abt 1874. He was the son of Claude Leonard Mellinger and Jane Descamps. Jane *might* have been married before and so Deschamps was her married name and not her maiden name. I will add more as my research goes further.


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