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Karen Abelseth

Karen Marie Abelseth was born on 14th September 1896. She was the daughter of Iver Kristian Nilssen Abelseth and Nikoline Petrine Asmundsdatter Tosse. She was sister to: Anna Lovise Marie Abelseth (1888), Lisa Abelseth (7th November 1901), Lauritz, Nels, Birgitte Andrea Nikoline Abelseth (1899), Bertha (27 Feb 1905). All the children were born in Norway. Sadly, Birgitte died in 1903 aged 4 years.

In 1909, Karen’s sister Anna travelled to California where she found work as a maid for the Woodside family in Los Angeles.

Three years later, on 10th April 1912, sixteen year old Karen Abelseth boarded the Titanic in Southampton, England with some neighbours.

Karen survived the sinking; she was rescued in lifeboat 16.

When the Carpathia docked at New York, Karen was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital to recover. She then went on to California.

The following shows the manifest information for Karen when she arrived at Ellis Island.

Family Name: Abelseth

Full Name: Karen

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Married or Single: Single

Occupation: Domestic

Nationality: Norway

Race or People: Scand

Last permanent address (country/City): Norway, Sandmore

Name and completer address of nearest relative in country whence alien came: Father, C Abelseth, Oreskog, Norway

Final Destination (State/city): California, Los Angeles

Whether going to join a relative or friend, and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address: sister, Anna Abelseth, 848 E Adams St. Los Angeles, Calif

Country of Birth: Norway

Karen was given $75 by the New York Women's Relief Committee on 20th April, 1912.


In 1916, she married Harry S. Little and they had five children, two sons and three daughters.

In the 1930 census, Karen was living with her family (husband Harry and her two sons and three daughters.) here is the information provided for her:

Name:Little, Kalla [sic] M

Relation: Wife


Race: white

Age: 34

Marital Status: married

Birthplace: Norway

Father Birthplace: Norway

Mother Birthplace: Norway

Mother Tongue: Norwegian

Year of Immigration: 1912

Naturalization: no

Able to speak English: Yes

Occupation: None

* Harry's occupation was a salesman in a show department.

Karen Marie Little died on 27th July 1969 in Inglewood, California. She was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery.


By lilia Sweet 18th February 2007

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