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Irene Colvin Corbett

 The Oakland Tribune California April 24, 1912

Utah Woman Victim of Titanic Disaster

Provo, Utah, April 24. -

"Irene took Titanic. Name not among survivors."

This cablegram received last night by Levi A. Colvin from a friend in England dispels the hope that Mrs. Irene Colvin Corbett escaped death. She was 36 years of age, the mother of three children, and had been completing a course in nursing in London.

In actual fact, she was only 30 years old. Irene Colvin had been born on 6th August 1881 in Payson, Utah. She was the daughter of Levi and Mary Colvin (nee Curtis.)

Levi and Mary had a large family, Irene was their oldest child, the others being Kady, Levi, Curtis, Tracy, Eleanor and Hattie.

Here is the 1900 United States Census showing Irene and her family:

Levi A Colvin, Head, June 1857, 43, 19, Utah, New york, Canada, Farmer

Alice Colvin, Wife, Aug 1858, 42, 19, 6, 6, Utah, Michigan, England

Levi A A Colvin, Father, Dec 1832, 77, New York, Vermont, Vermont, Retired

Irene Colvin, Daughter, Aug 1881, 18, Utah, Utah, Utah, at school

Katie Colvin, Daughter, Nov 1882, 17, Utah, Utah, Utah, at school

Curtis Colvin, son, 14, nov 1885, 14, Utah, Utah, Utah, at school

Tracy Colvin, son, 12, Utah, Utah, Utah, at school

Nellie Colvin, daughter, nov 1889, 10, Utah, Utah, Utah, at school

Hattie Colvin, daughter, oct 1892, 7, Utah, Utah, Utah, at school


On 13th December 1905, Irene married Walter Harris Corbett. Walter was born on 28 October 1885 in Provo, Utah.

Irene and Walter had three children together, Colvin, Kady and Mack.

Here they are in the 1910 census: (they were living next to Irene’s parents)

Pleasant View, Utah

Corbett, Walter H, Head, 25, Utah, Farmer

Corbett, Irene C, Wife, 29, Utah

Corbett, Colvin, Son, 3, Utah

Corbett, Kady Roena, Daughter, 1 ½, Utah

In 1911, Irene left Utah for London, England. She was going to complete a course in nursing.

The following is an excerpt of the Salt Lake Tribune, written on 20 April 1912.

“…In a letter written from London to her mother, and received
here Monday afternoon, Mrs. Corbett stated she would take
passage on the Titanic, which would leave the Southampton
wharf April 10. In the letter, Mrs. Corbett spoke of some
Mormon elders returning on the same ship, but did not say
who they were. In the list of passengers as published it has
not been stated that there were any such passengers aboard,
and for this reason the family has hopes that the elders,
after the letter was written, concluded to come on some
other vessel and that Mrs. Corbett is with them….”

Irene Corbett was not with them. She was one of twenty four first class women to die in the disaster. Her body was never found.

Family Information

Sadly, on 4 February 1917, Walter Harris Corbett died. His children, went to live with their maternal grandparents. Walter Corbett is buried in the Provo City Cemetery.

1. Levi Orson Alamander COLVIN b 20th December 1822 in Ellsburg Jefferson County, New York. (went to Utah on 10 September 1850)

+ (17 April 1850)Mary Ann Emeline Davis b 22nd January 1830 Canada.

2. Lydia Ann COLVIN b 13th January 1851 d 27 July 1941

+ Norman Lester TAYLOR b 1850 Iowa

3. Joseph Lester TAYLOR b 11 April 1870 Utah d 19 Feb 1939

+ (1891) Effie Louise GREEN

3. Norman Alamander TAYLOR b 5 July 1872 Utah

3. Mary Melissa TAYLOR b 17 June 1874 Utah

3. Lurana Ann TAYLOR b 10 May 1878 Utah

3. Laurella May TAYLOR b 29 Feb 1880 Utah

3. Arthur Ray TAYLOR b 11 Jan 1882 Utah

3. Albert Colvin TAYLOR b 21 November 1883 Utah

3. Loren Jesse TAYLOR b 18 Feb 1885

3. Amy Rowena TAYLOR b 16 Sep 1887

3. Max Blain TAYLOR b 27 March 1891

3. Melba TAYLOR b 12 August 1893 Utah d 30 July 1935

2. Mary Melissa COLVIN b 28th October 1853

+ John Henry TANNER

3. Lydia Melissa TANNER b 22 Aug 1869

3. Vera Nanette TANNER b 26 Feb 1894

2. Levi Alexander COLVIN b 12 June 1857

+ (14 Oct 1880) Mary Alice CURTIS b 30th August 1858

3. Irene COLVIN b 6th August 1881 d 15 April 1912 (Titanic)

+ Walter Harris CORBETT b 28 October 1885 d 4 Feb 1917

4. Colvin CORBETT b 1907 Utah

4. Kady Roena CORBETT b 5 Nov 1908

4. Mack Colvin CORBETT b 27 December 1910

3. Kady Emmeline E. COLVIN b 1st November 1882

+ Sidney Hamer, CLUFF

4. Colvin Sterling CLUFF b 10 June 1906

4. Sidney Rex CLUFF b 5 April 1910

3. Levi Leslie COLVIN b 24th May 1884 d 16th September 1890

3. Curtis George COLVIN b 16th November 1885 d 16th Jan 1904

3. Tracy Sherman COLVIN b 14 November 1887

+ Zella Ashton

3. Eleanor Nellie COLVIN b 16 November 1889

3. Hattie Lucille COLVIN b 28 Oct 1892

2. Orson Lamoni COLVIN b June 1862

2. Laconius Alamander COLVIN b 1866

+ Julia PATERN

2. William Albert COLVIN b 11th November 1871 d 27th November 1907

2. Emma POTTER (adopted.)

+ Ephraim COOMBS

Levi Alexander Colvin was a member of the 34th Quorum seventies, a missionary to Iowa and Missouri from 1895 to 1897. He was also Bishop of Pleasant View from 1905 to 1912, High Priest, Home Missionary and Payson City councilman for eight years. He was also Utah’s first sheep inspector and was a chairman of Payson school board for six years.

Levi Orson Alamander Colvin was a High Priest. He settled in Cottonwood and lived at Fillmore, Sataquin and Payson, where his children were raised. He was a member of Payson City Council from 1855 to 1865. He worked as a farmer and died on 18th November 1904.

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