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Andersson Family

Alfrida Konstantia Brogren had been born on 25 December 1872 in ostergotland, Sweden. The daughter of Magnus Constans Brogren and Anna Lovisa Johansdotter

Alrida married Anders Johan Andersson on 25 June 1898 in ostergotland. Anders was born 21 January 1873 in Kisa,Ostergotland, Sweden.The son of Carl Johan Andersson and Lovia Andersdotter

Alfrida and Anders had five children, four girls and one boy
Sigrid Elizabeth b 16 April 1900
Ingeborg Constancia b 16 April 1902
Ebba Iris b 14 November 1905
Sigvard Harald Elias b 21 July 1907
Ellis Anna Maria b 19 January 1910

In 1912, The Andersson family decided they would emigrate to Winnipeg Manotoba. No doubt the fact that a sister already lived there helped. Also, the fact that Alfrida's sister, Mrs. Anna Danbom was returning to America from her stay in Sweden. The Anderssons, along with the Danboms, Boarded the RMS Titanic as third class passengers

A short time before they sailed, Mrs. Andersson wrote a letter to her sister, Mrs. Zachrisson of Winnipeg.
The letter said that she expressed the opinion that it might not be well to travel on a new vessel, which had not yet crossed the ocean, she didn't, however, give any reason for her concern. As can be seen from the childrens dates of birth above, the two eldest Andersson children, Sigrid and Ingeborg, had birth days coming up. They died one day before, never reaching their 12th and 10th birthdays. All the Anderssons died on that fateful day of 15 April 1912.

The Anderssons. this picture must be from 1910, by the fact that Ellis only a small baby

Biography by Lilia-Jayne 12 June 2006

Family Information

1 Anders Brogren
+ Elisabeth Margarete Gobom
2 Magnus Peter Constans Brogren b feb 1831 Ostergotland, Sweden
+ 25 Oct 1865  Anna Lovisaa Johannsdotter Kisa, Ostergotland
3 unknown daughter Brogren
+ Mr. Zacrisson
3 Alfrida Konstantia Brogren b 25 December 1872
+ 1898 Anders Johan Andersson b 21 January 1873
4 Sigrid Elizabeth Andersson b 16 April 1900
4 Ingeborg Contancia Andersson b 16 April 1902
4 Ebba Iris Andersson b 14 November 1905
4 Sigvard Harald Andersson b 21 July 1907
4 Ellis Anna Maria Andersson b 19 January 1910
3 Anna Sigrid Maria Brogren b 10 March 1884
+ Ernest Gilbert Danbom b 26 October 1877
4 Gilbert Sigvard Emanuel Danbom b 16 November 1911

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