Amy Zillah Elsie Stanley

Amy Zillah Elsie Stanley was born on 4th January 1888 in Oxfordshire, England. She was the daughter of Thomas and Eliza Stanley (nee Margetts)

She was the only daughter of Thomas and Eliza, she did however, have five brothers; John, William, Harry, Alfred and Walter.

The following information shows the family as they appeared in the 1891 census for England:

Thomas Stanley, Head, 41, Farm Bailiff,Lower Worton Oxfordshire

Eliza A Stanley, Wife, 30, Deddington Oxfordshire

John H Stanley, Son, 7, Scholar, Ledwell Oxfordshire

William J Stanley, Son, 6, Scholar, Ledwell Oxfordshire

Harry O Stanley, Son, 5, Scholar, Ledwell oxfordshire

Amy Z E Stanley, Daughter, 3, Basford St Michael Oxfordshire

Alfred M Stanley, Son, 1, Basford St Michael Oxfordshire


And the next shows them ten years later in the 1901 census:

Green Road



William J Stanley, Son, 16, Carter on Farm, Ledwell Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire

Henry O Stanley, Son, 15, Boot and Knife boy, Ledwell Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire

Amy Z E Stanley, Daughter, 13, Barford St Michael, Oxfordshire

Alfred M Stanley, Son, 11, Barford St Michael, Oxfordshire

Frederick W Stanley, Son, 6, Wolvercote, Oxfordshire

In 1912, Amy left her hometown of Oxfordshire and travelled to Southampton, where, on the 10th April 1912 she boarded the RMS Titanic as a first class passenger. The following shows the information given for her on the passenger list:

Ticket Number: 2314
Name: Amy Stanley
Adult, child or infant: Adult
Occupation: Servant
Age: 24
Where from: England
Destination: USA

Amy survived the sinking, and continued on her journey to her friend, Grace French.

The following information was given upon her arrival in New York:

Name: Amy Stanley

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Marriage Status: Single

Occupation: Domestic

Birth Location: England

Nationality: England

Place of Origin: Oxford, England

Name and Address of Nearest Relative or Friend in Country whens alien came: Five Brothers England

Whether going to join a relative or friend, and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address: Friend Miss Grace French, 310 Prospect St, New Haven, Conn

Port of Departure: Rescued From Shipwrecked Titanic

Ship Name: Carpathia

Arrival Date: 18 Apr 1912

Destination: New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America

On the 18th May 1912, the Oxford Times printed a letter which Amy had written to her parents:

Thomas J Stanley, Head, 52, Farm Bailiff, Worton Nr Ataper Aston, Oxfordshire

Eliza A Stanley, Wife, 40, Deddington Oxfordshire

John H Stanley, Son, 17, Carter at home, Ledwell Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire

 Dear Father and Mother,

I have had a terrible experience, one that I shall never forget as long as I live. I seemed to have a presentiment that something would happen
to the boat I was going to sail on. I enjoyed the first part of the voyage
immensely. I had not been sea-sick all the voyage. I am now only suffering from shock and exposure to intense cold, with scarcity of clothing.
I was writing a postcard the night that the boat struck the iceberg.
It was about 11.30 p.m. I got out of bed and put my coat on and went out on deck and asked the steward what was the matter. He told me it was only the engines stopped, and ordered all the women back to bed. But I did not go. I shared a cabin with an American lady and child. I assisted them to dress, and then we went up on deck.
We tried to reach the boats. Then I saw two fellows (whom we met at
meals, the only men we made real
friends of) coming towards us, who assisted us over the railings into the
lifeboat. As we were being lowered a man about 16 stone jumped into
the boat almost on top of me. I heard a pistol fired-I believe it was done to frighten the men from rushing the boat. This man's excuse was that he came because of his baby. When we rowed off the child must have died had I not attended to it. We were rowing for several hours.
I seemed to have extra strength that night to keep up my nerves, for I
even made them laugh when I told them we had escaped vaccination,
for we were all to have been vaccinated that day.
I will say no more of that awful row, except that I was able to fix the rope round the women for them to be pulled up on the Carpathia
while the men steadied the boat-the women seemed quite stupefied-yet
when I was safe myself, I was the first to break down. The sight on
board was awful, with raving women-barely six women were saved who could say they had not lost a relative. Oh! the widows the Titanic has made! The last three days have been terrible. I attended
to a woman who was picked up on a raft with four men. The latter died, but she lived. She has lost two sons on the Titanic.
Their cabin was next to mine. She was the last woman I spoke to on
the ship’s deck. I am staying in a Woman’s League Hotel, but I am
quite well, and these people are fitting me up with clothes. I have telegraphed to Grace but have not yet received a reply. I long now to be with her. I will not write again until I am safe in Newhaven. Don't you think I have been lucky throughout?
I remain your loving Daughter
P.S. I nearly lost the boat at Southampton.

In 1918, Amy married Eugene Sheldon Tanner. She became the mother of two sons and lived her life in Rhode Island, until her death in 1955.

She is buried in Oakland Cemetery, Providence County, Rhode Island.

Biography by Lilia Sweet 21 April 2007

Family Information

Stanley Family Tree

1.John STANLEY b: abt 1801
+ Rebecca WOOTTON b: abt 1818
2.Thomas James STANLEY b: 1848 in Worton Oxfordshire d: 1921 Wolvercote Oxfordshire
+(1882) Eliza Agnes MARGETTS b: 1861 in Deddington Oxfordshire d: 1937
3.John Henry STANLEY b: 1883
3. William Thomas STANLEY b: 1885 Ledwell Oxfordshire d: 14 Jan 1918
+(1914) Alice Mary Bustin
3. Harry Owen STANLEY b: 1886
3. Amy Zillah Elsie STANLEY b: 4 June 1888 d: 1955 Providence Rhode Island
+(1918) Eugene Sheldon Tanner b 1894 in Johnston Rhode Island d: 1973
3. Alfred Margetts STANLEY b: 1889
3. Walter Frederick STANLEY b: 1894
2.Mary A STANLEY b: 1849 in Worton Oxfordshire 


Thomas Stanley

Father of Amy Stanley:

1851 Census


John Stanley, Head, 50, Farmer 'Out of Premises', Overthorp Northamptonshire
Rebecka Stanley, Wife, 33, Sulgrave Northamptonshire
Thomas Stanley, Son, 2, Worton Oxfordshire
Mary A Stanley, Daughter, 1, Worton Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Deal, Servant, 15, General Servant, Hemton Oxfordshire

In 1861, the surname is transcribed incorrectly as "Standley"

Grocers Shop
Hamlet of Ledwell

John Standley, Head, 60, Grocers Retailer of Beer, Overthorp Northamptonshire
Rebecca Standley, Wife, 43, Sulgrave Northamptonshire
Thomas J Standley, Son, 12, Nether Worton Oxfordshire
Mary A Standley, Daughter, 11, Nether Worton Oxfordshire


In 1871, Thomas was in Woodstock, Oxfordshire working as a servant to John Green

In the 1881 Census, Thomas is living in Sandford in Oxfordshire with his sister, Mary:

Public House



Thomas J Stanley, Head, 32, Licensed Victualler, Nether Worton Oxfordshire

Mary A Stanley, Sister, 31, Housekeeper, Nether Worton Oxfordshire

William Thomas Stanley

Brother of Amy Stanley

William Thomas Stanley married Alice Mary Bustin in 1914. Sadly, he died in the Great War (1914-1918)


Initials: W T

Nationality: United Kingdom

Rank: Private

Regiment/Service: Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Unit Text: Depot

Age: 33

Date of Death: 14/01/1918

Service No: 031954

Additional information: Son of Thomas James and Eliza Agnes Stanley; husband of Alice Mary Edwards (formerly Stanley), of Wytham, Oxford.

Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference: ..



Margetts Family Tree

1. Henry MARGETTS b: 1828 in Deddington Oxfordshire d: 1883
+ (1849) Eliza TOMES b: 1829 in Leamington Warwickshire
2. Mary Ellen MARGETTS b: 1851 in Deddington Oxfordshire
+ William ROGERS b: 1831 in Bletchington Oxfordshire
3. Harry ROGERS b: 1874 in Middlesex
3. Ada L ROGERS b: 1876 in Middlesex
3. Gordon Henry ROGERS b: 1886 in Barton Oxfordshire
3. Mary Kathleen ROGERS b: 1887 in Barton Oxfordshire
2. Emily Jane MARGETTS b 1852 in Deddington Oxfordshire
+ (1879) Walter SANSBURY b: 1849 in Banbury Oxfordshire
3. Kathleen SANSBURY b: 1882 in Banbury Oxfordshire
3. Vera E SANSBURY b: 1884 in Banbury Oxfordshire
3. Sarah A SANSBURY b: 1888 in Banbury Oxfordshire
3. Maria SANSBURY b: 1890 in Banbury Oxfordshire
2. Julia Augusta MARGETS b: 1853 in Deddington Oxfordshire
+ (1881) Robert MAXWELL
3. Robert W H MAXWELL b: 1883 in Hyde Park Middlesex
3. Winnifred MAXWELL b: 1887 in Berkshire
3. Mildred A MAXWELL b: 1888 in Ellesmere Shropshire
3. Gordon MAXWELL b: 1890 in Ellesmere Shropshire
2. Lucy Anne MARGETTS b: 1857 in Deddington Oxfordshire
2. Eliza Agnes MARGETTS b: 1861 in Deddington Oxfordshire d: 1937
+(1882) Thomas James STANLEY b: 1848 in Worton Oxfordshire d: 1921 Wolvercote Oxfordshire
3.John Henry STANLEY b: 1883
3. William Thomas STANLEY b: 1885 Ledwell Oxfordshire d: 14 Jan 1918
+(1914) Alice Mary Bustin
3. Harry Owen STANLEY b: 1886
3. Amy Zillah Elsie STANLEY b: 4 June 1888 d: 1955 Providence Rhode Island
+(1918) Eugene Sheldon Tanner b 1894 in Johnston Rhode Island d: 1973
3. Alfred Margetts STANLEY b: 1889
3. Walter Frederick STANLEY b: 1894
2. Thomas F MARGETTS b: 1864 in Deddington Oxfordshire
2. Henry Edward MARGETTS b: 1866 in Deddington Oxfordshire
+ (1890) Eva Florence BLAKE b: 1867 in Winchester Hampshire
3. Cyril V MARGETTS b: 1891 in Bletchington Oxfordshire
3. William W MARGETTS b: 1893 in Bletchington Oxfordshire
3. Harold F MARGETTS b: 1895 in Bletchington Oxfordshire
3. Dorothy E M MARGETTS b: 1897 in Bletchington Oxfordshire
3. Henry E MARGETTS b: 1898 in Minehead Somerset
3. Thomas F MARGETTS b: 1900 in Minehead Somerset
2. Lewis Alfred Tomes MARGETTS b 1869 in Deddington Oxfordshire
+ Ethel Alice HARRIS b 1879 in Brixton Surrey
3. Lewis Henry MARGETTS b 1902


Bull Ring
Exhibition Row

Henry Margetts, Head, 32, Wine and Spirit Merchant & Shopkeeper, Deddington Oxfordshire
Eliza Margetts, Wife, 32, Wine Merchants Wife, Leamington Warwick
Mary Ellen Margetts, Daughter, 10, Scholar, Deddington Oxfordshire
Emily Jane Margetts, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Deddington Oxfordshire
Julia Augusta Margetts, Daughter, 7, Scholar, Deddington Oxfordshire
Lucy Anne Margetts, Daughter, 4, Scholar, Deddington Oxfordshire
Eliza Agnes Margetts, Daughter, 3 mo, Deddington Oxfordshire
Eliza Allcock, Servant, 23, House Servant, Tabford Oxfordshire


High Street

Henry Margetts, Head, 42, Commercial Traveller, Deddington Oxfordshire
Eliza Margetts, Wife, 40, Leamington Priors Warwickshire
Lucy Margetts, Daughter, 14, Deddington Oxfordshire
Eliza A Margetts, Daughter, 10, Deddington Oxfordshire
Thomas F Margetts, Son, 7, Deddington Oxfordshire
Henry E Margetts, Son, 5, Deddington Oxfordshire
Lewis A Margetts, Son, 2, Deddington oxfordshire
Fanny Butler, Servant, 15, General Domestic Servant, Chartton By Newborth Northamptonshire


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Birth entry:
Name: Amy Zillah E Stanley
Year of Registration: 1888 
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 
District: Banbury 
County: Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire 
Volume: 3a 
Page: 899

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