The Allisons

  One of the Brightest, cleanest and straightest business men in the world. - That was how the friends of Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison summed him up during a newspaper interview after his death.

His career was most remarkable. The son of a farmer, Hudson was born in Winchester, Dundas County, Ontario on 9 December 1881.

His parents were Jesse Rose Allison and Phoebe Johnston. He was the third of four children, his siblings being George Richey Barber Allison, Margaret Rachel Allison and William Percival Allison.

In 1901, Hudson was living with his employer Chester Casselman. He worked as a clerk in Mr. Casselman's general store. A while later, he began work as an Agent for New York Life co., living at 4298 Dorchester, Montreal where he remained until 1907.

Hudson does not appear in any Canadian directories I have access to during the years 1907 - 1908. He met and married his wife, Bessie Waldo Daniels on 9 December 1907, so it is my opinion that he probably went to the united States, and possibly Milwaukee where Bessie lived.

Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin on 14 November 1886, Bessie was the youngest daughter of Arville and Sarah Daniels. She had a sister, Maybelle H Daniels who was three years older than Bessie. There was also a half sister, Myrtle Daniels born to Arville and his first wife, Mary Bowden.

Bessie grew up at her family home, 371A 18th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her father was a Factory Clerk and later a meat packer in a Factory. She was a favourite in society in Milwaukee.

In 1908, Hudson is a partner of the firm Johnston McConnell & Allison. The "Johnston" being his maternal uncle, George Franklin Johnston. and the "McConnell" being John Wilson McConnell, a well known businessman throughout Canada. He continued working for the firm until his death.

Johnston McConnell & Allison


Advertisement for Johnston Mcconnell & Allison   

*the picture above is from L-R G.F Johnston, John W. McConnell and H.J Allison of Johnston, McConnell and Allison

In the summer of 1908, Hudson, Bessie and Hudson's uncle, aunt and cousin travelled to England. They returned to Montreal onboard the Allan Line's ship "Virginian". The following shows the information given for them on the ship's manifest:

Name of Ship - Virginian
Date of Departure - 17th July 1908
Destination - Quebec & Montreal
Port of Departure - Liverpool
Steamship Line - Allan Line

Ticket number - 8679
Name -Mr. HJ Allison,
Age - adult
Gender - male

Name - Mrs. Allison
Age - adult
Gender - female

 After amassing a fortune, He bought the farm at his old home. He spent all the time he could spare from business on the farm. He was a great lover of horses, and kept an impressive stable-yard, winning innumerable prizes at Canadian horse shows. He also raised and showed Holsten cows. (known as Friesians in the U.K)

HelenIn 1909 Hudson Allison and his wife moved to 464 Roslyn avenue. On 5th June of the same year they became the parents of a daughter, Helen Loraine Allison. known throughout her life as Loraine.

In February 1910, Hudson, Bessie and Loraine returned to Montreal from another trip to England. The following information shows the information that was available on the ship's manifest:

Name of Ship: Empress of Ireland
Date of Departure: 11th Feb 1910
Destination: St. John NB Canada
Port of Departure: Liverpool

Those travelling on Ticket number 20807

HJ Allison, adult, Male, travelling with wife
Mrs. Allison, adult, Female, travelling with Husband
Infant Allison, infant, Female,
Mrs Daniels, Adult, Female, unaccompanied by husband
G.F Johnston, Adult, Male, travelling with wife
Mrs Johnston, Adult, Female, Travelling with Husband
P Johnston, Adult, Male,
L Johnston, Adult, Male
Master Johnston, Child, Male
Miss Johnston, Child, Female

Early in 1911, Hudson had travelled to England for a British Canadian Lumber Corporation meeting. he returned on 22 April 1911 onboard the "Campania" The ships manifest describes him as being 5ft 11" with brown hair and grey eyes. He was travelling to his home, 464 Roslyn Avenue, Westmount, Quebec. At the time, Bessie was eight months pregnant with the couples second child.

TrevorOn 7th May 1911 Hudson's second child was born. A son named Hudson, after his father; His middle name was Trevor, which is the name he was known by to family and friends.

As a successful businessman, Hudson transacted big business in London, and in 1912, decided to take his wife and children with him on a business trip.

The Allison's sailed with Mr. John Thompson McBride and his wife Emma, their close friends. The Mcbrides returned to Canada in February of 1912, while The Allisons stayed on until April.

 They also went to Banks, in Kircudbrightshire, Scotland where Hudson bought several Clydesdale horses from breeder William Montgomery.


Hudson and Bessie AllisonIn London, The Allison's stayed at 152 Abbey Road. While there they employed servants for their newly built home in Westmount. The servants employed were Alice Catherine Cleaver, a nursemaid, Sarah Daniels, a personal maid for Mrs. Allison, Amelia "Mildred"Brown, was employed as a cook and nineteen year old George Swane was to be the family's cheuffeur.

The Allison family boarded the Titanic at Southampton. They occupied cabin C-22 and C-26. Mildred Brown and George Swane travelled in second class, since they were not needed for the voyage.

On the night of the sinking, the Allisons dined with Major Arthur Peuchen, Harry Markland Molson and others. Loraine was there for a short time. By the time of the collision, they Family were asleep.

The Humeston New Era had this to say:

"...In the same way H.J Allison, Montreal banker, laughed at the warning, and his wife, reassured by him, took her time about dressing. They and their daughter did not reach the Carpathia. Their son, less than two years old, was carried into a lifeboat by his nurse and was taken in charge by Maj. Arthur Peuchen."

The Fairbanks Daily Times reported:


Arctic Brotherhood Lost A Member On Ill-Fated Ship.

According to a letter recieved by Max W. Kollm from J.S Cowen, of Dawson, the ill-fated steamship Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic recently with over 1,500 persons on board, carried to the bottom Mr. and Mrs. H.J Allison and little daughter. Mr. Allison was an old time resident of Dawson and was active in the Arctic Brotherhood work in the Klondike camp.

When the huge vessel was sinking and the women were being transferred to lifeboats, Mrs. Allison refused to leave the side of her husband. The little girl would not be parted from her mother, and so perished with her parents. The maid, with the little son, now left an orphan, was taken off the ship before it sank.

This next article appeared in the Kansas City Star

H.J Allison, his wife, Lorraine, a daughter of 3 years and a 10 months old baby were asleep when the giant ship struck. Katy Andrews, a nurse was in the cabin with the baby. She dressed it at once and hurried on deck. Officers seized her and hurried her into a lifeboat.

The next moment she was being pulled away from the sinking ship witht he Allison baby in her arms. Mr. and Mrs. Allison, who were in a stateroom with 3 year old Lorraine, startled by the crash, hastily dressed and ran to the cabin occupied by the burse and baby, only to find it empty. Without hesitation both started out to find the nurse and child, not knowing they were already being pulled away from the ship.

Died Seeking the Baby.

Carrying little Lorraine in her arms, his wife clinging to him, Mr. Allison dashed about the ship. And all the time the boats were being filled and sent away. The last one had gone while the Allisons still hunted for the child which arrived safe on the Carpathia last night.

But father and mother and the little sister stayed with the Titanic forever.

Hudson J C AllisonIt is not known for certain why Bessie and Loraine Allison died. However, most accounts from 1912 report that she died because she would not, under any circumstances be parted from her husband.

The Kansas City Star reported that Bessie had died seeking her baby, however the next day a correction was printed saying that the story from the previous day was wrong, and that Mrs. Allison actually died because she would not leave her husband.

Below are some excerpts from Newspapers

The Gleaner

"...and likewise of Mrs. H.J Allison of Montreal, who was joined by her daughter,...."NO," said Mrs. Allison bravely, and she eluded those who would have saved her and her daughter."

From The Lima News

"Perishes with Babe


Mrs. Allison, with her husband two children and sister,[sic] were passengers on the Titanic. Mrs Allison and her family were bound fo their home in Milwaukee after a happy European trip. She refused to leave her husband, and after passing her baby boy to her sister,[sic] Miss Sadie Daniels, ran to her husband's side, with her nine [sic] year old daughter in her arms. The three met death in one last loving embrace."


The following day, the Kansas City Star carried this story:


The former Milwaukee Woman Preferred to Die with Husband.

Milwaukee, April 20. - Equalling in bravery the heroic death of Mrs. Straus came the story today of how Mrs. H.J Allison of Toronto, Canada, a former Milwaukee society favourite, refused to leave her husband and preferred to die with him aboard the sinking ship. It was first reported that when the ship struck she and her husband were searching for their 7-months old baby, which already had been taken to a boat by a nurse, and waited too long on the ship.

One story was told over long distance telephone to Mrs. Adam Gross, a sister of Mrs. Allison by Miss Sadie Daniels, a niece in New York.

"She with Wilbur Allison, 7 months old, were the only survivors of the Allison Party. Mrs. Allison, her husband and Lorraine, 3 years old, perished. Mrs. Alllison refused to the last to leave her husband, said Miss Daniels.

When the order came for women and children to get into the lifeboats. Lorraine was with Herbert and Bessie (Mr. and Mrs. Allison). I was standing with Wilbur. An officer tried to push Bessie into a lifeboat, "Not without my husband" she cried, and she threw her arms around Herbert's neck and refused to leave. She later ran to me and pushed me into a boat and threw little Wilbur after me. When the vessel plunged down I could see Bessie in her husbands arms with little Lorraine holding to her mother."

A long article on Bessie was published int he Chicago Tribune on 20 April 1912

Chooses To Die With Husband

Woman Defies Command Of Titanic Officer

to get into lifeboat


Milwaukee Relative is told story

of Tragic fate of the Allison family.

Milwaukee. Wis., April 19-[special]-

Thrilling as were many of the terribly pathetic ties which came from the lost Titanic, none more pitifl or tragic than that related today by long distance telephone from New York to Mrs Adam Gross of Milwaukee by her neice, of the death of Mrs. H. J. Allison of Ontario by the side of the husband she refused to leave.

With Mrs. Allison and her husband died their little daughter Lorraine, but as the last boat pushed of from the Titanic, Mrs Allison forced her sister,[sic] Miss Sadie[sic] Daniels, to take her 7[sic] months son, Wilbur[sic] and escape. Miss Daniels, although stunned by the terrible sights she had witnessed, was able to tell connectedly, even graphically, of the story of Mrs. Allison to her husband.


here is the story as she told it to Mrs. Gross:

" sister[sic] died rather than leave her husband, when the officers refused to let both into the lifeboat. She Said life was not worth living alone and she went down, even smiling, with her arm around Herbert.[sic]

When the boat struck few realised there was any danger. Herbert[sic] and Bessie laughed and went to dress. When we stood together at the rail, as the boats were being sent away, I was standing with Wilbur[sic]and Lorraine, was with Herbert[sic] and Bessie. Then came the order. 'Women only' and an officer tried to put Bessie in the boats.

'Not without my husband' she cried.

'You must' cried the officer, but Bessie threw her arms around Herbert's[sic] neck and refused and refused to to leave him. Then after the officer stopped trying to force her into the boat, she ran to me, pushed me into the boat, and threw little Wilbur[sic] after me.


The boat was full and she grasped Lorraine in one arm, her husband with the other, and stood waving her hand, and it seemed to me, smiling as she saw us rowing to away. The last i saw of her, just as the boat started to plunge to the bottom, was Bessie turning to her husband for a farwell kiss. As the water washed to their knees, Lorraine was holding to her mothers skirts"

This report is from the Toronto Star.


Remarkable Story of courage of Montreal woman and her daughter.

A story of absorbing interest to Canadians is said to have been recieved by the White Star Line, and given away by a clerk. It concerns the Allison family of Montreal. "Because Mr. Allison would not take tot he lifeboats, but stayed behind with the men," said this clerk, "his wife and daughter also refused to leave the ship and went down with the Titanic, having first put the little boy safely in one of the boats in charge of his nurse."

"How do you know this?" the clerk was asked. He realized for the first time he was talking to two reporters. He tried to laugh off the story, but finding that impossible, admitted he got the information "inside." pointing upstairs to the executive offices.

It is a fact that the family of F.J[sic] Allison was aboard, and that neither Mrs. Allison nor Miss Allison who were in the party, have not been reported saved. When asked if he knew of any other story, the clerk smiled and replied that "one slips was enough for him."

The following are some media reports about Loraine:


There is a faint hope that a little unknown girl picked up in a lifeboat by an immigrant woman, may be Lorrain[sic] Allison, the Montreal child who is said to have perished with her father and mother


In a brief interview granted to the Free Press tonight by J. Wesley Allison of Morrisburg, the latter gave some details of the manner in which H.J Allison, Mrs. Allison and their little daughter Lorraine, were lost on the Titanic, while the three maids and the baby were brought home alive.

H.J Allison was a partner in the firm of Johnson and Allison of Montreal, and was for a time in business in Winnipeg, leaving that city about 3 years ago.

On the night of the disaster the family had retired. When the vessel struck, one of the maids ran upstairs with the baby in her arms. She was not seen again and it is supposed was bundled on board one of the boats shortly after she reached the deck. Strangely enough, the other 2 maids were also placed on one of the boats. Neither knew the other had been saved till they all met on the Carpathia. The others were not heard of again, and Mr. Allison supposed they perished when the vessel broke in two witht he explosion of her boilers.

The baby has been sent to her[sic] grandmother in Montreal, where she will be cared for.Hears of Saved Girl.

Tonight Mr. Allison has been notified that a woman survivor of the Titanic,who came ashore on the Carpathia, has in her possession a baby girl which she alleges was thrown to her in one of the boats. Mr. Allison entertains the hope that the baby may be the lost Lorraine, and that Mrs. Allison, realizing that she could not be saved, gave her little girl in the care of those in a boat below.

Mr. Allison will tomorrow go to the house at which the woman resides in hope of identifying the unclaimed girl.

"No less than 30 of my warmest personal friends were on board the Titanic," said Mr. Allison tonight.

"Very few of them are now alive. President Hays was one of my close friends. John Astor and I were friends for 25 years. I had many many friends on the Titanic."

Out of the whole family, only baby Trevor was saved. Bessie, Hudson and little Loraine died in the sinking.

Hudson's  body was found and recovered by the Mackay-Bennett.

He was wearing a blue suit, leather coat and a grey silk muffler. His effects were keys, letters, photo's, stock book, three pocket diaries, one C.P Railway ticket book, two pocket books, card case, $143.00 in notes, chain with insurance medals, £15 in gold, $100.00 Thomas Cook & Sons travellers' cheque, £35 in notes, gold cuff links, diamond solataire ring, gold stud, knife, silver tie clip, $4.40 in odd coins, traveller's ticket.

His body was released into the care of Mr. G.E Clark on 1 May 1912. These two reports appeared in the Daily Mail

On the first of May 1912...

"H.K[sic] Allison's remains were to have been conveyed to Montreal by the special train which will take Charles M. Hays' body, but it was decided by George C. Clark, who claimed them, that it would be inexpedient to wait until the Minia arrived. The body of Mr. Allison will be taken straight to his old home in Chesterville, Ont., where the funeral will take place."

and on the Second of May:

"H.J Allison's body to be buried at Chesterville

Montreal, May 2, -- The body of the late H.J Allison one of the Montrealers drowned on the Titanic, reached Montreal to-day, and was transferred to the C.P.R. train for chesterville, where interment will take place. Several of Mr. Allison's relatives and friends, and the Rev. Dr. Young, pastor of Douglas Methodist Church, to which he belonged, accompanied the casket"

He was buried the next day on 2 May 1912 in the Allison Family Plot at Mapleridge cemetery, Chesterville.


The Inscription on the stone reads:

On his arrival in New York, baby Trevor was taken to the Manhatten Hotel by his uncle George Allison. A few days later they travelled by train to Montreal.

In July of 1912 just three months after his death, Hudson's prized cow, May Echo made it into the papers. She had been entered into a county show and won her class. below is an article about the show.

His other cow, Riverdale DeKol came third in the Two Year old class. here is a newspaper clipping showing her place in the show

Trevor Allison was raised by his uncle and aunt, George and Lillian Allison.

In 1929 he travelled to Massachusetts to visit his maternal grandfather, Arville Daniels. While there he contracted ptomaine poisoning.

Being a strong headed teenager, he refused to see a doctor, telling family that he was fine. He took a train to Maine, where his uncle, aunt and cousins were taking a holiday. His condition got worse and he died there on 7 August 1929.

according to one family member, Trevor was a strong, fit young man who used to walk along the beach on his hands with his cousin, Eric. He had alot of fun on the beach. One evening however, there was alot of commotion in the house, and Trevor died, he had eaten a spoiled tongue sandwich which made him ill,

His body was taken back to the home of his uncle, Charles Graham. His funeral took place and he was buried next to his father in Maple Ridge Cemetery.

The Portland Press Herald printed a death notice for Hudson Trevor Allison on Friday August 9th 1929. It read:

"Ocean Park, Aug 8 -- Hudson Trevor Ellison [sic] age 18, of Westmount, P.Q, who had been passing a vacation with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Ellsion[sic] on Seaside Avenue, died Thursday after a short illness as the result of ptomaine poisoning. The body was taken during the day to Chesterville, P/Q for burial."

According to Trevor's death certificate, he had been staying at Seaside Ave, for five weeks. The informant was Eric Allison, his cousin.


Biography by Emma Skinner, Mary Mason & Emma Campbell  updated June 9 2006

In memory of :

Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison 9th December 1881 - 15 April 1912

Bessie Waldo Allison 14th November 1886 - 15th April 1912

Helen Loraine Allison 5th June 1909 - 15 April 1912

Hudson Trevor Allison 7th May 1911 - 7th August 1929

Loraine Allison Vs. Loraine Kramer


Family Information

Birth Registration

 WHEN BORN    9 Dec 1881
 NAME  Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison
 WHEN REGISTERED  21 December 1881

1900 United States Federal Census

Milwaukee Ward 8, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

 Address Name   Relation  Date of Birth Age  Marital Status   Years married Number of Children  Number of Children Living  Place of Birth  Fathers place of Birth  Mothers Place of Birth  Occupation 
 371 A 18th Street  Arville Daniels Head  Aug 1851 48   married  20      MA MA  MA   Clerk in Straw Factory
  Sarah Daniels  Wife  Nov 1859  40  married  20  WI  Ireland  Ireland   
   Mabel H Daniels daughter  Aug 1883  16   single       WI  MA  WI   
   Bessie W Daniels daughter  Nov 1886  13   single       WI  MA  WI   
   George Stridley  Cousin Jul 1869  30  single         NY  CT  CT  Machinist

1901 Canadian Census, Chesterville, Dundas County, Ontario

 Name  Relationship  Marital Status  Date of Birth  Age
Chester Casselman  Head  Married  11 Mar 1855  46
 Mercy M Casselman  Wife  Married  18 Mar 1859  42
 Annie G Moore  Domestic Single  12 June 1873   27
 Hudson Allison Boarder  Single  9 Dec 1881  19 

1911 Canadian Census, Westmount, Quebec

 Name Address  Relation  Marital Status   Date of Birth  Age  Birth Place  Year of Immigration   Nationality  Religion  Occupation 
 HJ Allison  464 Roslyn Avenue  Head Married  Dec 1882  29 Ontario   Canadian Methodist Financial Broker
 Bessie Allison   Wife Married Nov 1886 24 U.S  1911 American Methodist  
 Loraine Allison   daughter  single Jun 1909 2 Quebec   Canadian Methodist  
 Hudson T Allison   son single  May 1911 5 weeks Quebec   Canadian Methodist  
 Catherine Sinclair    None Single Aug 1889 22 Scotland 1910 Canadian Presbytarian Domestic
 Edith Creasy   Boarder Married May 1876 35 England 1911 Canadian Anglican Domestic
 Alfred Creasy   Boarder Married  Jul 1887 34 England 1911 Canadian Anglican Coachman

The following family tree has been submitted my me, (Emma Skinner) Please respect the fact that I have been researching this family for eight years now, and have spent a great deal of time, effort and money to get the information provided here. I have left out living people and those where I am not sure if they are alive or not.  I have a large Family Tree For Bessie Waldo Allison (Daniels) however, it is far to big for me to put on here. I am happy to share it with anyone related, or who thinks they may be related, or anyone who is interested in her family tree. If you wish to have a copy of Bessie's family tree, please use the contact form above and make sure you einclud your email address so I can email you back

Allison Family Tree

1. Andrew ALLISON b 1803 d 1893
+ Janet RICHEY b 1805 Ireland, d 1862 Ontario
2. Mary Rachel ALLISON b 1830
2. John ALLISON b 1831
+ Sarah //
3. Samuel ALLISON b 30 April 1855
3. Ozias Franklin ALLISON b abt 1867
+ (1891) Helena LOUCKS
+ (1879) Mary Elizabeth BARKLEY b 3 June 1858 Williamsburg
4. Alexander ALLISON b 8 Jan 1881
4. Aaron ALLISON b 9 Jan 1883
4. Edith ALLISON b 15 Mar 1888
4. Andrew Samuel ALLISON b 2 April 1893
2. Elizabeth Jane ALLISON b 1832 in Winchester d 10 Nov 1893
+ Matthew LOGAN b 1825
3. Andrew Allison LOGAN b 22 March 1857 d 30 Jan 1929
+ Elizabeth FRITH b 1849 in Winchester d 1922
4. Nettie LOGAN b 1871
4. Ralph LOGAN b 1883
4. James LOGAN b 1886
3. Matthew Sergius LOGAN b 1866
2. Andrew ALLISON b 31 August 1834
+ Sophia HILL b 13 Sep 1843 d 1900 Ontario
3. Parnham ALLISON b 22 July 1873
+ (17 May 1899) Margaret JOHNSTON b 3 April 1878
4. Grace ALLISON
4. Harry ALLISON b
3. William ALLISON b 7 March 1876
3. Andrew Thomas ALLISON b 9 June 1881
+ Ethel BARKLEY b 26 Feb 1884
2. Alec ALLISON b 1836 in Dundas County, Ontario
+ Annie Elizabeth WEST b 1845 in Ontario Canada
3. James ALLISON b 1860
3. Andrew Richey ALLISON b 1862
3. Tacy ALLISON b 1864
3. Edgar ALLISON b 1866
3. Blake ALLISON b 1872
2. Margaret ALLISON b 1838
3. Samuel KENDRICK b 1864
3. Emma KENDRICK b 1867
3. John KENDRICK b 1872
3. Richard KENDRICK b 1879
2. Thomas ALLISON b 1840
2. William Richey ALLISON b 1842 in Dundas County Ontario d 1909
+ (1867) Eleanor SPROULE b 24 April 1844 Cornwall Ontario d 1923
3. Thomas ALLISON b 1869 Dundas Ontario, d 1933
4. Helen ALLISON
3. Anson ALLISON b 1870 d 1947
+ Nancy KEYS b 1877
3. Mary ALLISON b 1872
3. Hugh ALLISON b 1875
+ Ellen KEYS b 1879
3. Alex ALLISON b 1877
3. Herbert ALLISON b 1879
3. Carrie ALLISON b 1881
3. Fred ALLISON b 1885
+ Mabel SHAVER
2. Ozias Barker ALLISON b 1844
2. Jesse Rose ALLISON b 17 August 1848 in Dundas County, Ontario d 25 September 1908 in Dundas County, Ontario
+ Phoebe JOHNSTON b 23 July 1849 d 12 October 1927
3. Margaret Rachel ALLISON b 9 April 1876 d 1945 in Chesterville Ontario
+ Charles GRAHAM b 13 December 1874 d 1953
4. Aura GRAHAM
4. Charles Allison GRAHAM
4. Hudson Keith GRAHAM
4. Phoebe GRAHAM
3. George Richey Barber ALLISON b 16 October 1879 in Chesterville Ontario, Dundas d 7 May 1933
+ Lillian Adelaide WORKMAN b 17 May 1878 Hartnett Co, North Carolina d 1951 Los Angeles
4. Jesse Graham ALLISON b 1903
4. Eric Franklin ALLISON b 1908
4. Dorothy Enid ALLISON b 1913
4. Marjorie Ruth ALLISON b 1915
3. Hudson Joshua Creighton ALLISON b 9 December 1881 d 15 April 1912 Titanic
+ (9 Dec 1907 Milwaukee) Bessie Waldo DANIELS b 14 November 1886 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, d 15 April 1912 Titanic
4. Helen Loraine ALLISON b 5 June 1909 in Montreal d 15 April 1912 Titanic
4. Hudson Trevor ALLISON b 7 May 1911 Montreal, d 7 August 1929 Maine.

3. William Percival ALLISON b 21 March 1887 in Chesterville Ontario, d 1967
+ Estella May ROSE b 8 Sep 1883 d 1947
4. William Trevor ALLISON
4. Margaret Jean ALLISON


1. Isaac JOHNSTON b 1817 Ireland
+ (1844) Margaret HUMPHREYS b 1826 Ireland
2. Phoebe JOHNSTON b 23 July 1849
+ Jesse Rose ALLISON b 17 August 1848 d 25 Sep 1908
3. Margaret Rachel ALLISON b 9 April 1876 d 1945 in Chesterville Ontario
+ Charles GRAHAM b 13 December 1874 d 1953
4. Aura GRAHAM
4. Charles Allison GRAHAM
4. Hudson Keith GRAHAM
4. Phoebe GRAHAM
3. George Richey Barber ALLISON b 16 October 1879 in Chesterville Ontario, Dundas d 7 May 1933
+ Lillian Adelaide WORKMAN b 17 May 1878 Hartnett Co, North Carolina d 1951 Los Angeles
4. Jesse Graham ALLISON b 1903
4. Eric Franklin ALLISON b 1908
4. Dorothy Enid ALLISON b 1913
4. Marjorie Ruth ALLISON b 1915
3. Hudson Joshua Creighton ALLISON b 9 December 1881 d 15 April 1912 Titanic
+ (9 Dec 1907 Milwaukee) Bessie Waldo DANIELS b 14 November 1886 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, d 15 April 1912 Titanic
4. Helen Loraine ALLISON b 5 June 1909 in Montreal d 15 April 1912 Titanic
4. Hudson Trevor ALLISON b 7 May 1911 Montreal, d 7 August 1929 Maine
3. William Percival ALLISON b 21 March 1887 in Chesterville Ontario, d 1967
+ Estella May ROSE b 8 Sep 1883 d 1947
4. William Trevor ALLISON
4. Margaret Jean ALLISON
2. George Albert JOHNSTON
2. Letitia JOHNSTON
2. Mary Anne JOHNSTON
2. Joseph Wesley JOHNSTON b 1851 in Dundas County Ontario
+ Mary Selina SMITH b 1854 Chesterville, d 1938
3. Margaret JOHNSTON b 1878
3. George franklin JOHNSTON b 1880
3. William Ward JOHNSTON b 1882
3. Hudson Reynold JOHNSTON b 1885
2. William John JOHNSTON b 1853 d 1924
+ (1880) Charlotte Elizabeth BECKSTEAD b 1850 d 1936
3.  Joshua JOHNSTON
3. William JOHNSTON
3. Louise Jane JOHNSTON  b 15 April 1883
3. George JOHNSTON
3. Simeon JOHNSTON
3. John JOHNSTON b 1893
2. Joshua JOHNSTON b 1858
2. George Franklin JOHNSTON b 1862
2. Creighton JOHNSTON b 1863
+ Ida BECKER b 1865 Dundas County, Ontario
3. Vera May JOHNSTON b 1895
(second wife of Creighton JOHNSTON)+ Emma KENDRICK b 1867
3. Francis Kendrick JOHNSTON b 1889

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